May 20, 2017

Pocket Shopping: Capturing Your Audience on Mobile

Be ready when they say, "I want to buy!"

We’ve all been there: we’re shopping for a new TV, comparing prices at the supermarket, or looking for a well-reviewed restaurant close by. The first thing we do? Reach into our pocket or purse, grab our mobile phone and start Googling.

This is just one of the many reasons why positioning yourself well for mobile is essential. Whether it be your website, social media pages or popular app-related content. Your audience is looking for you! You’re at their fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When they show up, you’d better be on your A-game!

Maybe digital marketing isn’t your thing. That’s okay! You want to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your company, personnel and budget. Hiring an outside vendor can provide a ton of benefits.

Why Hire Out Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

  • An outsider brings a fresh set of eyes to your organization and brand
  • You get an expert whose only job is to make your online presence great–they aren’t distracted by other commitments within your company
  • With no payment of benefits and other overhead, it can be an extremely cost-effective option

A recent study found that 65% of people use their smartphones to research before making a purchase decision. That’s over half of your audience! On top of that, 71% used a retailer’s website or app while making a purchase. You absolutely must have an online presence–ideally a great one–to be competitive in the marketplace

And it’s not just about looking great online. You’ve got to nail down what your audience is looking for, what works and what doesn’t. Some of Marketing Kangaroo’s favorite tips for being on top of your digital game include:

  1. Mine your website’s analytics
  2. Regularly check your Facebook insights
  3. Get Tailwind for Pinterest
  4. Don’t forget

Online power-house Google says:

“Smartphones, and particularly mobile search, have a big influence on how people end up purchasing something after they turn to a device with the intent to get something done. Is your brand meeting people with relevant and useful information on mobile? Are you there when people search to get into the consideration set quickly before a purchase is made? And underpinning all this, are you tracking and valuing these mobile interactions appropriately?”

It’s a fact: people are going online before they make a purchase, choose a restaurant or select a service. The web is a powerful tool, filled with incredible ways to connect with your customers. Leverage your brand strategy today–don’t wait a moment longer! Get plugged into digital marketing and you’ll find a world of opportunities await.

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