July 5, 2017

Client Spotlight: Trident Fantasy Films

We love working with small local businesses, and Trident Fantasy Films is the perfect example of just that. Founders Nicole Coady, Andrew Balog and Katie Spass all love making films. To pursue their passion they formed a film production company right here in upstate New York.

When approached, we  jumped at the opportunity to provide our services on their latest series, The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red. This children’s TV series will be released on Amazon early 2018. Trident Fantasy Films explained their vision with us; to create a heart-centered TV series that parents would be okay with their children watching. The challenge? To connect with the decision makers for our target audience – young children.

To do that we created a comprehensive marketing strategy that would allow us to connect with the following groups – parents, specifically moms of young children and individuals interested in classic fairy tales.

To tell the Snow White/Rose Red story we shared stories about the production team developing the series, shared sneak peaks of the making of the series and created a plan to directly connect with our main group of influencers, moms.

Tactics include social media updates, distributing and tracking press releases and developing strategic relationships with mom bloggers.

Our work with Trident Fantasy Films:

  • Public Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Media Outreach
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Social Media Strategy