September 15, 2017

Back to School – Jump on the Bandwagon!

Don't miss your chance to get in on the trend!

Going back to school is an exciting time for lots of kids. Families are spending billions each year to prepare. In 2017, it’s estimated to reach 83.6 billion. That’s a lot of zeros!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to offer you customers something special.

There are lots of shoppers out there who are looking for early deals. Planning ahead is great for your overall marketing strategy! You can see how consumers are searching for “back to school” as the summer progresses on:

And once you hit August, it absolutely skyrockets.

How do you become one of the brands that is ahead of the game? Just like back to school shopping, it takes some preparation. But you can do it, and we can help!

Create a Calendar

Each year, look ahead and align your messaging with overarching trends. Offer sales, specials and contests to incentivize your customers to shop with you.

If you haven’t done this for 2017, it’s not too late! Get started today.

Set up an Online Shop

There are many platforms out there, like Shopify, where you can sell your goods directly to consumers online. Using a template provides a fast, easy way to get your shop up and running.

Marketing Kangaroo can help you get your online shop up and running, and ready for back to school shoppers!

Build Your Brand

It’s not just about purchases made. Back to School time offers a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness and forge a stronger connection with consumers.

Google’s study guide for marketers has some great advice:

“With everything from stationery, to laptops, to digital recorders on the shopping list (that last one a life-saver for anyone whose mind wanders during early-morning lectures) the potential for brands is significant. Between 20-25% of University students fitting out their new rooms will be making some of their first independent purchases of home, decor, and technology products, presenting brands with the chance to forge customer relationships that could last a lifetime.”

Offer Expert Advice

Data from YouTube showed a 43% increase in the search term “study tips” from 2015 to 2016. Creating content designed to give your audience some type of important knowledge or life hack can lead to increased trust in your brand. Who knows–you may even go viral!

Not sure where to begin? That’s where we come in! Contact us today to kick start your marketing plan.

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