October 16, 2017

Roost Crate Reveal

Because you have to experience a brand to truly understand it

It might sound like a no-brainer but we’ll say it anyway, “You have to experience a brand to truly understand it.” If our client’s a butcher, we visit their shop (a lot!) to experience what it’s like to be a customer there. Retirement community? Yup, we’ll be there too.

That goes for all of our clients. We love learning how our clients work behind the scenes. This helps us understand the best way to incorporate their passion for what they do into the story they want us to share about their brand.

It’s equally important for us to experience our client’s products and services from their customer’s perspective too!

This is especially true with one of our newest clients, Roost Crate. After meeting with Kelly Pugliano, Roost Crate founder, we understood how her product worked. The process is pretty straightforward. She carefully selects items, based on a theme, for her crate subscribers. Each month they receive their crate.

We immediately were drawn to Kelly’s attention to detail, the quality of the products she selects for her crates and her enthusiasm. But what’s it like for her customer?

To experience firsthand how Roost Crate works we are sharing our reveal of the June crate. Themed Grill Masters, this crate was filled – and we mean FILLED – with fun summer goodies.

Take a peek!

Is it any wonder we love what we do?

Here’s the point. We are passionate about helping our customers sell their products and services. We can only do this if we understand or learn as much as we can about how your business works and how your customer interacts with your brand.

That’s the sweet spot. So we’ll say it again . . . “You have to experience a brand to truly understand it.” We can’t wait to work with Roost Crate to share their story.


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