May 23, 2018

Client Spotlight: DASNY

Working Together for a Better Web Experience

TEAM PLAYERS: Cogent Technologies, DocStrats and Marty Hardin

DELIVERABLES: Restructure Sitemap, Develop Content and Communication Strategy, Enhancing Online Brand Presence.

THE MISSION: Imagine you have multiple audiences and services. How do you structure your website to make it easy to use?  How do you present the information in a clear way that still tells your story?

The DASNY collaboration with Marketing Kangaroo is an incredible case study in delivering an exceptional product by bringing together a team of experts to a project.

THE CLIENT: Dormitory Authority State of New York (DASNY)

DASNY is a national leader in the municipal bond market and stands out as one of its most prominent public builders. Leading the way in sustainable construction, DASNY ensures the participation of

minority-, women-, and service-disabled, veteran-owned businesses in the construction process. DASNY partners with a wide variety of service providers and delivers a complete integration of our resources in finance, design and construction.

PROMOTING PARTNERSHIPS: There are thousands of fantastic vendors in New York. But knowing who to work with, and how to find them, can be a huge question mark. DASNY removes the guesswork by uniting great vendors and skill sets together (much like we do at Marketing Kangaroo!).

WELCOME HOME: One of the major goals of our project was to create a great experience as soon as the user hit the homepage of the website—by quickly getting them to the information they need. Looking for an employment opportunity, or maybe an RFP? By delivering a positive first interaction, to relationship with DASNY gets off on the right foot, from the first touch.

The Marketing Kangaroos used Google Analytics traffic statistics to determine how people should be traveling through the website and to improve the overall user experience.

We also moved all of their Services to one section, enhanced the narrative voice and cross-linked related information and tools. All of this work leads to user exactly where they need to go. On the web, that’s always a win.

DELIVERY: This project was completed as scheduled on an eight month timeline. To achieve this goal, we worked closely with all partners through weekly calls and onsite meetings. The Roos learned new tech to complete content installation and training. Fostering open lines of communication helped keep everyone in the loop and on-track.

Marketing Kangaroo loves working with other marketing professionals, taking projects to the next level. We’re so proud to have worked with Cogent Technologies, DocStrats and Marty Hardin to deliver a great new website for DASNY!

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