Client Spotlight: Bumble B Boutique

When you’re an established business, it can be hard to know when it’s time to innovate. Bumble B Boutique owner Karen Macielak saw the perfect opportunity to change the landscape of her business. She had identified a target market … Read More

Client Spotlight: Trident Fantasy Films

We love working with small local businesses, and Trident Fantasy Films is the perfect example of just that. Founders Nicole Coady, Andrew Balog and Katie Spass all love making films. To pursue their passion they formed a film production company … Read More

June Marketing Tips

In between weekends at the lake and crowing about my clients, I love to see what my fellow marketers are doing and saying online. Call it professional development–it’s just a lot of fun! No matter the season, it’s important to … Read More

Client Spotlight: Stram Center for Integrative Medicine


The Stram Center for Integrative Medicine blends conventional medicine with naturopathic, holistic, complementary and alternative medicine taking into account the whole person – body, mind, heart and spirit. The Stram Center’s practice was growing and they … Read More

Pocket Shopping: Capturing Your Audience on Mobile

We’ve all been there: we’re shopping for a new TV, comparing prices at the supermarket, or looking for a well-reviewed restaurant close by. The first thing we do? Reach into our pocket or purse, grab our mobile phone and start … Read More

Client Spotlight: Primal Your Local Butcher

Primal is all about creating an experience for their customers. With multiple locations and a slew of staff, owner Kevin Wickert was looking for marketing support to help focus their internal and external communications. By hiring Marketing Kangaroo, the team at … Read More

Client Spotlight: Avila Retirement Community

Often, the perception of a retirement community is the place you go to slow down. When Marketing Kangaroo was introduced to the folks Avila Retirement Community, what we saw was just the opposite—people living rich, event-filled lives that seemed to … Read More

Client Spotlight: Saratoga Arts Fest

As creative professionals, we are big fans of supporting access to the arts. That’s just one of the reasons why we were so excited to be approached by Saratoga Arts Fest to provide them with a great digital marketing … Read More

Client Spotlight: Juicy Burgers & More

Services: Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Juicy Burgers & More, established in 2008, is a locally owned and operated family-style gourmet burger restaurant with two locations. Large, juicy steak burgers cooked with a red, pink or brown center … Read More

17 Apr '17

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Taking Expert Marketing Advice

You know what I’m talking about. Many of us are surprised when we learn that a professional builder can’t quite finish his own house project, or when a doctor smokes despite the universal knowledge that it’s damaging to your health.

Sadly, … Read More